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13 July 2007 @ 07:21 pm
08 June 2007 @ 10:17 am
To what extent might other macroeconomic problems result from the use of fiscal policy that is designed to reduce unemployment in society?
21 May 2007 @ 10:41 pm
Having (unfortunately) bumping into Mrs Lim (GEP HOD if anyone can still remember) while in NY and even more unfortunately, she recognising me, I have been told to inform everyone about above said event.

NYGH 90th Anniversary Celebration

11th August 2007 (Saturday)
Raffles Ballroom, Stamford Hotel
Tickets: $65 (Normal price $100)
Special Guests: MM Lee Kuan Yew and Kwa Geok Choo
Time: 6.15 (For cocktails)
  7.15 (Dinner)

Anyone interested, just leave a comment.

And to all Express Chinese people: HE LAO SHI HAS LEFT NY.

31 March 2007 @ 04:59 pm
Someone translate; mostly the strange-looking centre-bottom word.


I don't like the idea that Keanu Reeves has better Chinese than I do. I'd like to think that they're just a bunch of words he threw together because they look cool.

And Mark Hamill did one too:


14 March 2007 @ 08:11 pm

x equals x nought sine wt if x equals zero at t equals zero

z equals x plus iy

market failure equals bad
03 March 2007 @ 03:45 pm
If anyone wants more quotes from my school, go there:

26 February 2007 @ 02:21 am
X-POSTED FROM MY OWN LIVEJOURNAL. Sorry if you are seeing this twice! I thought some of you might be interested - this is the event I'm organising in school, and it is going to be MAD AWESOME. If you're interested, or if you know of anyone in school (your CCA group - CWCs and drama groups especially) who might be interested, drop a comment! I WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU THERE. It is a worthy way to spend a Friday night.


"I too am not a bit tamed, I too am untranslatable,
I sound my barbaric YAWP over the roofs of the world"

-- Walt Whitman, Song of Myself

Hwa Chong ELDDFS' Litwing presents:

2nd March 2007, Friday, 7.30pm
Hwa Chong Institution, LT3
Tickets at $4
All proceeds go to the Bone Marrow Donor Programme

YAWP! is not your average poetry reading.

Forget highbrow - we're here to bring you poetry at its most barbaric and untamed!
And we want you to be part of this revolutionary event!

YAWP! celebrates the aural, visual and performance aspects of poetry, demonstrating the capacity of literature to come alive in performance. YAWP! is not only the finals of an exciting nation-wide search for the best young performance poets. It is also a showcase of some of the biggest names in the poetry scene in Singapore. We've also thrown in other acts into the mix, ranging from comedy-music groups to performance-poet-musicians. This is practically a poetry variety show! The judges for the event are Alfian Sa’at, Michael Corbidge and Ng Yi-Sheng. As guest performers and readers, we have The Friendly People, Marc Nair and Bani Haykal and Singapore Literary Prize Winner, Yong Shu Hoong.

YAWP! promises to be a lively and dynamic evening, with the 8 finalists of the competition presenting performances that will take poetry off the page and onto the stage, adding rhythm, visuals and movement that will bring poetry to life. We hope that YAWP! will bring poetry alive in voice and movement, and remind us all that the voice of poetry is our own voice - that it lives, and sounds, beyond the page, in our hearts, and over the roofs of the world.

YAWP! 2007 promises to be a night of great poetic experiences, and we look forward to having you with us! For information on ordering ticketsCollapse )

COME! COME! COME! I PROMISE IT WILL BE AWESOME. We were really blown away by the 8 finalists' pieces. And we're all really psyched by the judges and guest performers!

NG YI-SHENG will probably be performing "A Loud Poem to Be Performed to a Very Obliging Audience", which I've seen him do once before - it is some CRAZY SHIT with cartwheels and hip rotations! MICHAEL CORBIDGE of CAP JC Drama fame - and you might have seen him perform in The Dresser - is judging and performing. I saw MARC NAIR and BANI HAYKAL perform together at another poetry reading last year, and they are mad cool. They are both up-and-coming young performance poets in the Slam scene, and Bani is in B-Quartet, which performed at Baybeats.

THE FRIENDLY PEOPLE, of general notoriety, are also performing - you may remember them from the CAP formal dinner, or Dramafeste, or the name may simply strike kindle a strange awe in your heart. But you know you want to see them!

To satisfy your BURNING CURIOSITY, you can visit http://litwing.homedns.org - where I'll be posting the programme once it's finalised.

If you're interested, please drop a comment, or follow the instructions for ticket orders under the LJ-cut. Or you can SMS me at 97316897, or email elddfs0607@gmail.com

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01 February 2007 @ 08:48 am
Of late I've had the urge to cast my unworthy eyes upon the sainted goodness of the Banana.

Sarah, is the Banana still with you?
10 January 2007 @ 04:48 pm
Is this still alive..? <_<

Anyway, just in case anyone potters by here before the event itself..

Innova Junior College
9 AM to 5 PM
Saturday, 10th February 2007

IJC's having her first funfair this year, i@fun (don't ask). Drop by if you're free, and buy coupon things from me! :D They're $10 each, or alternatively, you could drag other people along and make them pay for part of it. Yup. XD
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05 January 2007 @ 08:59 am
I gained weight! :D

I'm 44kg now. :)